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The Leader nominations deadline has passed and I would like to thank everybody for their encouragement and support and also make an announcement.

To What Do We Owe Your Standing As Leader of the Green Party?

Yes because many members have asked me to stand.
And for reasons that I understand.

Yes because I told you so on Progressive Alliances.
And for Greens to get back on track, learning from blunders.

Yes because one Leader is better than two Co-Leaders.
And two Deputies better than one!

Yes because I’ve represented Greens in hundreds of meetings and broadcasts.
And the next stage is the one that matters.

Yes because I prefer a probing interviewer to an easy ride.
And having our assumptions interrogated to test our ideas.

Not because I’m on message.
But for grassroots wisdom in Policies for a Sustainable Society.

Not because I’m goody two shoes with lifestyle choices.
But struggle to lower my footprint without joined-up governance.

No to politics as a career.
Yes to politics as a calling.

Yes because we’re at last chance saloon from climate change threat to humanity.
And for our duty to animals and untold species we share the planet with.

Yes because of broken economics made by humans inhumane.
And for carbon budgets here we come!

Yes because referenda are as much opportunity as threat.
And Greens respect democracy and reform it at same time.

Yes to, “You only need to be Green!”
To fight for LGBTIQ+ equality and against prejudice based on disability, race, gender or age.

Yes because Trump’s obscene child camps make me sick to the stomach.
And Greens shine a light on all horrors of the world.

Yes because Corbyn’s party is split on nuclear disarmament or Trident.
And we’re better equipped to lead demands on which Greens are united.

Yes because Palestinian misery makes my heart bleed.
And to challenge and expose injustice wherever it occurs.

Yes because we speak truth to power.
And bring Power to Truth.

Yes because there’s more to politics than clicktivism and Twitter (please RT)
As politics is all around, in direct action, whether against fracking, runways or polluted air.

Yes because, after sixteen years, I’m ready to serve.
But is the party ready for me?

Yes because we need a more publicly diverse Party.
And reach beyond our comfort zone by empowering our spokespersons.

Yes because a PhD in lies and deception
Prepares me for spin, groupthink and fake news.

Yes because as Deputy Leader I co-led our best General Election;
And want to help revive our fortunes on membership and elections.

Yes because we need a proper contest.
And in order to win.

Yes because I don’t have the time we’re collectively running out of.
So, as de Niro says, “I’ll make time”.

Yes for many reasons do I stand.
And for one alone.

Yes because I think outside the Black.
Yes because I’m Green!

Announcement ENDS.


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