Tory Power Stance Sajid Javid, Meet the Minister for Silly Stances.

A body language expert on why Sajid Javid (and other Conservatives) use the bizarre ‘power pose’ Sajid Javid stands outside the Home Office after being named as Britain’s Home Secretary, in London, April 30, 2018. REUTERS/Toby Melville Ruchira Sharma 15 hours Monday April 30th 2018 

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Tory power stance

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The Tory power stance is a human body position notably adopted by members of the British Conservative Party. The posture consists of standing with a "wide stance", with the legs spread wide apart.[1][2] The position has been described colloquially as "the Beyoncé", after the performer Beyoncé.[3] The stance has also been called the "Tory power pose" and "the John Wayne".[4]

The stance appears to have first been used at the 2015 Conservative Party Conference.[5] The stance is believed to be intended to be a display of power and confidence.[6] Politicians pictured in this stance have included Sajid JavidGeorge OsborneDavid Cameron[7] and Theresa May.[8][9]


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