A Grand Cross Party « Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament » Mike Gapes Question 9th July 2018


A Grand Cross Party "Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament"

The Prime Minister has been struggling quite cleverly within the constraints of her self-imposed chains and red lines. Would it not be a bit easier for her if she acted in the way that Clement Attlee acted in the 1941 crisis and we worked together in the national interest to deal with this crisis? Carrying on as we are will not succeed, and she knows it.

The Government have put forward a proposal in the national interest. There are differences across this House, as has been obvious from a number of Opposition Members who want us to stay in a customs union and want us to stay in the single market, which in my view would not be keeping faith with the vote of the British people.


A Message From The Right Honourable Alan B´stard MP

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If you support a Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament send this Blog or copy and paste it. I do not pretend to be an expert but I am heartily sick of the Elitist Westminster and Media London Bubble continuing to make a huge cock of things.


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