Brex-Zit a Limerick

BREX-ZIT , A Limerick Poem #Election2017 #Brexit #May-Zit #Jexit



A Vicars Daughter from Wheatley,

Had a facial eruption twice weekly.

Given no orders to squeeze it,

she wished just to leave it.

We are not all in this together, not anymore. With the Neo-Liberal Free Market Mayhem model, It prescribes pain, insecurity and Corporate Rights over Basic Human Rights. The same model in the EU but also the same model applied with devastating effect Globally by the Mega Corporations, who are above any nation's laws. TTIP, ISDS, TISA, CETA. An alphabet soup of small print TRADE deals that take away your rights, lower your pay and ensure an unequal playing field on which Corporations can exploit workers both in terms of pay and conditions, A sort of Anti-Samaritans Charter that forces governments to look the other way and pass on the other side of the road. The Social Democratic Brexit which Jeremy Corbyn and Labour 2017 offer will re - instate a fair playing field and that is something which could not have been delivered within the EU. The rules of the EU make lots of unfair Trade practices compulsory so as to protect Global Corporate Interests. So We have a chance of a Social Democratic Brexit, Instead of the Conservative Neo-Liberal Hard Right Brexit.


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