THE CROSBY SHOW, The Weak and Wobbly, Cunning Plan. #TimeToFattenAnotherPigForMarket #MayisToast

Published on May 29, 2017

THE CROSBY SHOW, The Weak and Wobbly, Cunning Plan. The team behind Theresa May, perhaps because her campaign is looking increasingly #WeakAndWobbly, is resorting to fabricating material for attacks on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn The Conservatives have accused Labour of planning to raise income tax on millions of low- to middle-income earners in order to fund care for the elderly. The party’s official press office Twitter account posted a message on Monday night, saying: “Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to pay for elderly care: increasing the basic rate of income tax to 25p for millions of working people.” The claim was made after a day in which the Conservatives came under pressure over Theresa May’s U-turn on her social care policy. None of Labour’s policies are due to be funded by income tax rises on low- or middle-income earners. So is the Conservatives’ claim true? No – it’s completely false. Labour has repeatedly promised not to raise income tax on anyone earning less than £80,000, which includes everyone in the 20p tax band that the Tories claim Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell want to raise. Of course, all parties have at times broken their manifesto pledges. There is nothing, though, to suggest that Labour currently has any intention of increasing income tax on low or middle-income earners to pay for social care – or, for that matter, for anything else. Notice for Suits,

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